How To Get Around Bohol?

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Bohol is comprised of 47 municipalities and 1 city, namely:

Alburquerque                             Guindulaman

Alicia                                        Inabanga

Anda                                         Jagna

Antequera                                  Lila

Baclayon                                    Loay

Balilihan                                    Loboc

Batuan                                       Loon

Bien Unido                                 Mabini

Bilar                                          Maribojoc

Buenavista                                 Panglao

Calape                                       Pilar

Candijay Pres.                            Carlos P. Garcia

Carmen                                      Sagbayan

Catigbian                                   San Isidro

Clarin                                        San Miguel

Corella                                      Sevilla

Cortes                                       Sierra Bullones

Dagohoy                                    Sikatuna

Danao                                        Tagbilaran City

Dauis                                         Talibon

Dimiao                                      Trinidad

Duero                                        Tubigon

Garcia Hernandez                       Ubay

Jetafe                                       Valencia

Getting around Bohol and/or to these municipalities is actually easy. There are number of ways to do so. But of course, speed and ease depend on how much budget you prepare for the trip.

Options range from van or private car rental to public transport. Those with the right budget, car rentals are priced between Php 2, 500- 3, 500; while backpackers may get around on buses or jeepneys. In Tagbilaran City, one can conveniently flag a tricycle (motorcycle with sidecar) to bring them anywhere in the city.

How does one get around the Province?

From the island’s capital, Tagbilaran City, there are three (3) main routes to travel around Bohol: the northern route, the interior route, and the eastern route.

Northern Route

Naturally, this route travels north-bound from the city, stretching 75 miles through the northern coast passing the municipality of Tubigon. Tubigon is a port town which serves as another port of entry for ferries/vessels coming in from Cebu.

Interior Route

From the name itself, this route travels via the interior part of Bohol, passing through quite a number of famous attractions like the Loboc River, man-made forest in Bilar and the well-known Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. The sceneries from this route are mostly rice fields and overgrown forests. The interior route stretches up to 80 miles starting from Loay Interior Road up to the municipality of Trinidad.

Eastern Route

This route travels 81 miles through the eastern and southern coasts, passing the historical Baclayon Church in the town of Baclayon all through the municipality of Anda, the drop off point for Lamanoc Island.

So before you venture out in Bohol, know where you are headed. Once you have your itinerary, it will be easier to figure out which route to take. If you opt for the van or car rental, it usually comes with a driver/tour guide so obviously, it’s much convenient. However, for backpackers or those who choose to be more adventurous and prefer to commute, just go to the Integrated Bus Terminal in Brgy. Dao, Tagbilaran City (near Island City Mall or the locals fondly call it ICM). Once in the terminal, you can ask for assistance as to which bus will go to or pass by your destination.

Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT)

The bus terminal in Dao, Tagbilaran City has buses, jeepneys (minibuses) and V-hire (van for hire) which transport passengers to the different municipalities in the province. The buses have two (2) variants: air-conditioned and open-air (regular). Usually, buses must be filled with passengers first before they depart from the terminal.

Other mode of transportation is the jeepney or minibus. This type of vehicle is open-air and designed in a way where passengers sit on a bench-type seat, facing each other. Jeepneys tend to be “slower” since it would stop at any time and point on the way to its route to either pick up or drop off passengers. The jeepney’s point of destination is written on a sign board which can be seen in the front area and also painted on the side of the vehicle.

Unlike the minibuses, the V-Hires or vans for hire don’t stop to pick-up waiting passengers along the road, but passengers may disembark at any location on the way. This type of pubic transportation is generally preferred by many for its affordable comfort and “faster” travel time. It operates on fixed routes. The fare varies according to location and distance.

Vehicle Rentals

Here are some car rental agencies in Bohol that you can call on to for your transportation needs:

Bohol Rent a Car – (038) 411-3932 / (038) 510-8846

Lugod Rent a Car – (038) 411-2682 / (038) 411-2244

Rent a Car – 09204229127

Bohol Car & Van Rentals – 09327942055 / 09106123168 / 09267103220