Dalareich Chocolate House Chocolate Tasting and Buffet in Bohol

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Join Dalareich Chocolate House, the first and only chocolate factory in Bohol on their first ever chocolate tasting and buffet in their house in this island of the chocolate hills this coming Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2017 and learn how to appreciate their very own locally made chocolates from cacao fruit to chocolate bars to chocolate pralines to Cakes to chocolate drinks! Dalareich caters 15 people only a day for more exclusive experience at PHP 450 per person! For booking and reservation, please message them on their facebook page Dalareich Chocolate House or call or text the number +63 9177775817! I have booked for two already and will be booking for more when my friends will confirm. See you!

Dalareich Chocolate House is located at 0091-J Bukid Drive, Booy District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

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