Dagohoy Returns: Rebirth of a Hero

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September 28, 2016 is a night of celebration and music. Another one of Bohol’s pride and hero was regarded for his patriotism and bravery for leading the longest revolt in the history of the Philippines.

Francisco Dagohoy, a native Boholano, was responsible for the famous Dagohoy Rebellion, the battle against the colonial Spanish government. The revolt happened in the island of Bohol and lasted for about 85 years.

dagon sa hoyohoy,dagohoy returns,dagohoy,bohol,bohol history,dagon s ahoyohoy musical

Such act of valor can never be left unnoticed. Francisco Dagohoy’s story continues to inspire even to this generation. And to remember him and all he did for our province and country in general, his story was brought to life on stage by Kasing Sining Teatro Bol-anon Ensemble entitled “Dagon sa Hoyohoy” or otherwise called as Dagohoy.

In coordination with Congressman Rene Relampagos, NCCA or National Commission for Culture and Arts, PETA and the Provincial Government of Bohol, Dagohoy the musical was staged at the Bohol Cultural Center to remember a hero.

dagon sa hoyohoy,dagohoy returns,dagohoy,bohol,bohol history,dagon sa hoyohoy musical

It wasn’t the first time though that Dagohoy was played. If any of you can recall, during the Centennial Celebration of Philippine Independence, Dagohoy was shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and in 20 towns in Bohol as one of the highlights for the National Theater Festival, running from 1999 to 2001. The reviews and responds from the public were so overwhelming particularly from the Boholano Balikbayans who were present for the first Tigum Boholano sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) in 1999. Because of such positive feedbacks, a shorter version was played in some parts of the United States.

It wasn’t until this year that the play is brought to the limelight again. It’s about time that the youths of today be educated and be inspired of Francisco Dagohoy’s legacy, that the entire province of Bohol as well, may be awakened to a deeper sense of cultural identity and courage.

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The play, Dagohoy sa Hoyohoy, a 75 minute musical production showcased the highlights of Dagohoy’s existence. The reincarnated version was basically conceptualized to gratify the 21st century audiences. It did require a team of exceptional talents to bring out the true spirit of a Boholano hero.

Thus, credits went to these talented and artistic individuals who joined forces to make a magical and memorable production:

  • Lutgardo “Gardy” Labad, Creative Director (Kasing Sining)

  • Rodolfo Cuhit, Staging Director

  • Marianito Luspo, Historian and Script Writer

  • Elvis Somosot, Musical Arranger

  • Marvin Ablao, Production Design

  • Jay Banquil, Dance Choreographer

  • Marvin Ablao, Choreographer (HNU Diwanag Dance Troupe)

  • Keats Ronquillo, Stunt Director

  • Jayvee Bahalay, Lead Role

  • And everyone (not mention) who took part in the event, either in front or behind the curtain

dagohoy,dagon sa hoyohoy,dagohoy returns,bohol,bohol history

Truly, it’s inspiring to see something like this. It made me embrace and appreciate my roots and my culture even more. Now, I’m prouder to be a Boholana!

FYI: If you want to see Dagohoy performed in your school / institution / locality like if you have a fiesta or big gathering or school activity, Dagohoy: Dagon sa Hoyohoy The Musical could help draw in your crowd. Contact their Marketing officer, Keats Ronquillo at 09425645537 or their Creative Director Gardy Labad at 09172034705.