Consistently the top Italian restaurant in Bohol – Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas

Sicily good selection of wine

Let me start by welcoming you all with Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas‘ house white wine. CHEERS!

I have been to Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas many times. It’s my favourite restaurant in Bohol. I love going here for coffee, food and drinks with my family, my friends and holding business meetings and events. I love taking here the different BPO investors and clients for lunch or dinner meetings and I always get positive feedbacks from them about the food, drinks, service and the ambiance.


Sicily friends

My friend Wim’s Birthday


julie's birthday

My friend, Julie Jongeblood’s birthday. In lieu of birthday presents for her, she requested us, her friends to donate to Bohol Animal Rescue & Kindness – BARK, INC.



Bohol Bloggers Collective team on our 4th Anniversary, AGM and Election of Officers


Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas is consistently the top Italian restaurant in Bohol. It is the GO-TO place for tourists and locals alike. With regular changes to the menus, this restaurant never cease to tempt your taste buds. 


Bohol Bloggers Collective 4th Anniversary

The Bohol Bloggers Collective team inside the air-conditioned room of Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas


Here are some of my favourite food on their menu:

Let’s start with Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas’ Signature Bread,

Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizza signature bread

This is definitely a good find as I am not a fan of sweet bread. I love the taste and texture of Sicily’s bread. Perfect with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Their bread also works well in any dish on their menu.



The Tre Tipi De Pesce (Three Types Of Fish) is divine!


The Smoked Salmone with Cheese is my favourite appetizer. It’s divine! Well, I am a fan of smoked food. This smoked salmon melts in your mouth. It is served with delicious and crispy on the outside but rich, creamy, and stretchy cheese on the inside, fried mozzarellas.


Mouthwatering Antipasto Italiano (Italian Cold Cuts)!



Carpaccio di tonno is also delightful!



Deliciously cooked Calamares. You will love every bite, crispy on the outside, soft and tender squid on the inside. 


Zuppa (they have other types of soup):

sicily seafood stew

Zuppa Di Pesce (Seafood Soup) is absolutely flavoursome and delicous! Other than this, they also have Crema Di Broccoli (Broccoli Cream Soup) which is also delightful.

The Salads,


Caprese with fresh tomato, basil, lettuce, mozarella, capers and black olives. Delicious!


Insalata Sicily (Parmasean Ham & Mozzarella Cheese)



My favourite Ravioli Al Tartufo (with truffle butter). It’s divine! This is consistently in my order list every time I’m here. 


Pacherri Allo Scogio. Delicious seafood pasta!

sicily pestoo liinguni

My favourite pasta, Linguini Pesto. Absolutely delightful!

Pasta 1

Delicious Fettucini Bolonaise (with Tomato Sauce). 


Spaghetti Porcini (with Porchini Mushroom), delightful!

Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizza lasagna

Mouthwatering Lasagna Margherita (Lasagne Sicily Style)!

The Risotto,

Sicily Risotto

This Mushroom Risotto was superb. Rice was cooked nicely and I love the balanced of the mushrooms and flavours. 

The Mains,


Prawns at #Sicily is highly recommended when available. Very tasty. For the latest Chef’s recommendation, don’t miss to check their daily specials.



Deliciously cooked tender mussels! 



Special Sirloin Steak USA around 700 grams. Medium rare steak for me and it’s always delicious. Tender, succulent and juicy – nicely cooked. 



Tuna Steak with Balsamic Sauce. Medium rare cooked for me. Delightful!



Salmon is also divine! It’s moist, tender and well seasoned. Absolutely delicious. 



sicily salmon food



Sicily’s lamb is to die for. Succulent, tender and juicy. Divine! 


The Woodfire Pizzas:


Photo Credit: Curious Onion



Just showing my favourite pizza, the Sicilian’s Pizza!


Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas 2 Flawer Pizza

Yes, at Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas you can order the so called 2 Flawer Pizza. This is a photo of a half Marinara (Seafood) Pizza and half Pepperoni (Spicy Salami) Pizza. 

Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas 2 Flawer Pizza

Another 2 Flawer Pizza – Half Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheeses) Pizza and Half Vegetarian Pizza

Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas 2 Flawer Pizza

Another 2 Flawer Pizza – Half Margherita Pizza and Half Hawiian Pizza


The food here  is consistently divine, “family style” and good for sharing, and at a reasonable price.

I also love having coffee and chilling here at Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas. It’s so quiet and relaxing with a decent internet speed. They consistently serve good quality coffee. My favourites to order are Americano and Espresso.  Shshshshshshsh! This is also one of my favourite places to drink. I love good quality wine, gins and whiskey. So far, this place never failed me with their selection and sold at reasonable prices.


sicily with friends birthday

It’s always good to celebrate special occasion here with the Chef’s and his team’s capability to cater your specs, preferences and needs.


I also love coming here because of their ambiance. It’s a tropical delight with lush landscaping, with both air-conditioned and Al fresco dining. Sicily Italian Cusisine & Woofire Pizzas meets diners requirements. 



Inside the air-conditioned room of Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas

Sicily al fresco

At the Alfresco area!


Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizza Pathway at night

sicily chef

With the nicest expat in Bohol I’ve met, Chef Giuseppe and my friend Maria Lei.


Fantastic service  all the time.

86616236_10157905715580505_970465091939991552_o (1)

With Chef Ryan and Rey of Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas!


With the happy staff, Jaypee and Ivy of Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas!


Another thing that I like coming back here more often? There’s a spacious parking area.With parking becoming an impossible issue, knowing that you can travel and park takes the stress out of the journey.

Thank you Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizza for consistently making me and my company happy every visit.

Sicily Italian Cuisine & Woodfire Pizzas

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🕒 From 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday to Sunday except every Tuesdays

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