Bohol’s Eco-Tourism Destinations: Must-Visit

Without a doubt, when one speaks of Bohol, particularly tourists, it is synonymous to Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. But there’s definitely more to Bohol that sightseers are not aware of.

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Bohol is a very rich island in terms of natural wonders. Besides the famous chocolate-coned hills and the smallest primate renowned in the province, the island is also home to mystical caves, awesome falls, hidden ponds and naturally designed landscapes. These and more are yet to be explored, though some are slowly carving its name as among the eco-tourism destinations of Bohol.

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So what are these places that we shouldn’t miss in this beautiful province? Here’s the list you must include in your travel goals:

Himontagon Hills (Brgy. Botoc, Loay, Bohol)

Approximately 35 minutes away from Tagbilaran City is the town of Loay, Bohol. And it is in this town that one gets to bask in the full beauty of sunrise.

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Himontagon is an old vernacular name for “morning;” thus, the name. It’s also otherwise called as the Morning Hills. It may be the perfect spot for sunrise, but sunset is also a favourite. The place is really admirable especially for nature lovers.

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Himontagon Hills are ranges of hills which offer a scenic view of Bohol Sea. Its surrounding is totally peaceful. Serenity at its best, as visitors described it. Being there will make you feel like you step out of time, away from worries and anxieties. And who wouldn’t when you’re surrounded with nothing but the sky above you, gleaming waters on the horizon, chirping birds, and green trees, shrubs and grasses that gracefully sway to the caress of the gentle breeze. Picture all these and tell me, is it not panoramic enough?

Pahangog Twin Falls (Brgy. Guingoyuran, Dimiao, Bohol)

Another wonder to be uncovered is this water form hidden within lush vegetation and surrounded by big trees in the town of Dimiao, some 44.7 kilometers away from the city (about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive).

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These twin waterfalls are proud beauties with waters gently gliding through rugged rock fronts and ridges. The highest cascade is about 50 feet above water level and below it is a natural lagoon wherein anyone can dip in or swim the heat away. Even with the distinct heat of summer, its features do not ebb and remain unaffected with humidity, making it a favourite “cooling” place among locals and tourists who are already familiar with this piece of hidden paradise.

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Can-umantad Falls (Brgy. Can-umantad, Candijay, Bohol)

Another eye-catching must-go in the province is the Can-umantad Falls in Candijay, Bohol. Approximately 2 hours from the city proper and another 30 minutes travel from the town center is Bohol’s highest cascading waterfalls.

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In spite the amount of time it takes to go there, well one can say that it’s worth the trip. Clear, cold and clean water is tempting enough that you can’t bear to just be there and not take a dip. Can-umantad Falls is also a picnic haven for families and friends who want to bond and just be one with nature.

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces (Brgy. Cadapdapan, Candijay, Bohol)

The Ifugaos weren’t the only ones who were able to breathtakingly carved the ground. Hence, rice terraces cannot only be found in Banaue, but here in Bohol too. Yes, we have here our own version of the world-famous Banaue Rice Terraces. It’s right here in Cadapdapan, Candijay, Bohol.

This picturesque land architecture was formed many years ago by the natives of the town in an effort to convert the elevated portion of the ground into farmlands. At present, you can’t help but be in awe of this majestic beauty, a remnant of pure hard work and many, many days of labor. It’s wealth indeed passed on (from ancestors), far more precious than any gem.

Lamanoc Island (Anda, Bohol)

If you are beyond adventurous, then Lamanoc Island is the place to go. Explore this mystical place and you’ll soon discover how rich it is in terms of heritage and beauty. Touring the island, you’ll be in caves, secluded beaches, get yourself face to face with real limestone formations.

Well, another interesting detail about the island is its mystical history. You read it right. Lamanoc Island is believed to be a ground for making offerings to spirits by medicine men and local priests some time during the pre-colonial era. Such practices were done to call upon mystical creatures to honor them with bountiful harvest. It may or may not be true, but the story lives on. Hence, Lamanoc Island is also called Lamanoc Mystic Island.

Cave Pools (Anda, Bohol)

While you’re in Anda, another must-visit is their cave pools. This town is truly rich with wonders: caves, white sand beaches, undiscovered lagoons, cave pools. It’s all right here. To name some of these worthy-to-visit cave pools, favourites include:

  • Kaligoon Cave Pool

  • Combento Cave Pool (Brgy. Virgen, Anda)

  • Cabagnow Cave Pool (Sitio Fatima, Brgy. Bacong, Anda)

These and a whole lot more are waiting for you right here in Bohol. Experience and explore the natural wonders of the province and be mesmerized and be lost in its beauty.