for me brings about a certain degree of satisfaction. Satisfaction, in the fact, that I, a Bohol writer and blogger get to explore and try out things in different places, under different circumstances.

Yes, there is always that thrill that goes with travelling to places and discovering new adventures. But what I hope to collect at the end of each trip goes past the pictures taken, souvenirs bought, or delicacies tasted. I yearn to learn and grow from each experience, to cherish the changes and embrace the new person that I have become.

In a way, I have been blessed and honoured to have experience what I experienced and still wish to experience more. Thus, I want to give back. I want you to be part of my journey and let me in with yours too. 

Let me take you with me as I wander from one place to another, and sweep you away into that small island paradise which I proudly call home— Bohol.

Together, let’s uncover new possibilities, explore potentials, share experiences and gratify our globetrotting-senses. Take it from this Bohol blogger, iBoholana, you too can see the world. Literally or figuratively. Don’t hold back, step out and explore.

So tag along and be in for the ride!